Webinar: The No-Mod Way to Make JD Edwards Easier to Use

What: The No-Mod Way to Make JD Edwards Easier to Use

When: September 19th, 2018 from 1-2 PM EDT

Presenter: Richard Garraputa

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The most common modifications to JD Edwards involve changing applications to make them easier to use or combining multiple transactions to streamline and automate processes. But modifying JD Edwards drives up ownership costs and makes it harder to adopt new functionality provided by Oracle.

In the latest versions of the software, Oracle has introduced new Personalization features and tools like Orchestrator to help provide an alternative. Many customers can also use their data collection systems like DSI as part of their usability tool set, especially if they are not on the latest release.

This webinar, for business and technical leads, will help you decide what technology to use by comparing and contrasting their capabilities. It demonstrates real cases in which JD Edwards customers have used Personalization, Orchestrator, and data collection systems to enhance JD Edwards usability and automate processes without the rigidity and cost of modification.