Beer, wine & spirits | Cheers to training!

Client Profilebeer, wine and spirits

The Client is a leading international producer and marketer of beer, wine and spirits with operations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and two other countries.


The Client was upgrading from JD Edwards OneWorld Xe to EnterpriseOne 9.0. They wanted to provide employees an advance look at the new release as a way to build excitement and internal support for the upcoming upgrade. And the Client needed assistance training employees on the new system. Corning Data facilitated the Client’s project team access to the new version and the web client interface to jump start project planning.

While Corning Data has JD Edwards demonstration environments available for their own employees, this engagement presented some unique challenges:

  • The sheer volume of users expected to access the system concurrently during the training would far exceed existing capability. The system would need  to maintain reliability while providing exceptional performance.
  • In order to provide a positive experience of the new release, the Client needed a robust training environment. Corning Data would have to perform customer specific setup prior to the training. To instill confidence and gain consensus for the upgrade project, the new environment must have all the latest ESUs and latest tools release to avoid any application issues.
  • Finally, all of this required a tight time frame in order to meet setup and training deadlines.

Corning Data Solution

Oracle VM Templates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne reduced time and cost for an EnterpriseOne installation. Corning Data purchased two new IBM servers to handle the load for our Client’s many users. The preconfigured templates, based on the Oracle VM, provided an accelerated implementation methodology. Starting from scratch with new servers, Corning Data loaded the Oracle VM templates to create a complete JD Edwards solution in less than three days. Rapid implementation is only one of the many benefits delivered by the templates solution. By rolling in the latest tools release and all fix-current ESUs, the templates provide a completely current system. Demo data in the templates eliminated yet another step in the process of preparing a demonstration environment. And, using the templates would lower costs for our Client.


The feedback from the application consultants was extremely positive. Our Client was thoroughly satisfied. The environment proved reliable and the performance, exceptional.

When coupled with Oracle’s Business Accelerators, Oracle VM Templates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne greatly reduced cost of implementation and sped up time to value.Templates will continue to save the Client substantial time and money, and will reduce risk when performing upgrades requiring new hardware.