Additional JD Edwards Functionality

Leverage your JD Edwards investment by utilizing our experienced consulting and implementation resources. We commonly find the following key functional features are missing or underutilized as they were not accounted for in the initial implementation.

JD Edward Manufacturing Functionality:

Quality Management
Enineering Change Management
Detailed Product Costing / Manufacturing Accounting
Requirements Planning (Forecasting, MRP, MPS, CRP)
Lot & Serial Control / Traceability
Plant & Equipment Management (Equipment Maintenance)
Configurator (Rules Based)
Engineer to Order / Project Related Manufacturing
Demand Scheduling / Release Accounting

JD Edwards Distribution Functionality

Transportation Management (Load Building, Rate Shopping, Freight Optimization, etc.)
Warehouse Management (Space / Resource Optimization, Container Mgmt., etc.)
Receipts Routing (Inbound inspection, MRB, Container Tracking/Receipts, etc.)
Purchasing Approvals (Requisitions, PO?s)
Supplier Quoting/RFQ?s
Supplier Analysis
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Advanced Pricing & Promotions
Requirements Planning (Forecasting, DRP)
Cycle & Physical Inventory Counting

JD Edwards Financials & Other Functionality

Project Management / Job Costing
Accounts Receivable Enhancements (Credit/Collections, Deduction Mgmt., etc.)
Service Management / Billing
Case Management ( Help Desk)
Contract Management / Billing
Human Resources / Payroll (Skills Management/Tracking, eRecruitment, etc.)
Expense Management
User Productivity Kit (UPK) & Tutor (Training / Documentation)
BI Publisher (Forms, Document Distribution Mgmt.)
Executive Dashboards (KPI?s, Metrics, Analytics)
Workflow Management (Approvals, Alerts, etc.)
Capital Asset Management
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Electronic Data Collection (Barcoding, RF, etc.)