DSI’s Mobile Application Platform

Corning Data – DSI Partner of the Year!

DSI’s Mobile Application Platform is a fully integrated JDE real-time automated data collection solution for tracking inventory, assets, and time at the warehouse and in the field. DSI’s Mobile Application Platform supports, voice, bar code, and mobile data collection applications on a single, multimodal platform with proven, real-time integration into leading enterprise software applications including JDE.

Corning Data offers the following DSI application services:

  • DSI-MEP Installs and DSI-MEP Implementations
  • dcLINK and MEP Upgrades
  • MEP – FORMS and full Mobile development
  • Scripting and Application design & programming
  • Unibar and Loftware labeling development
  • Best practices consulting
  • System administration, maintenance, troubleshooting & stabilization

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